Our History

Established in 1994 Maat Environmental Engineering Corp. (MAAT) is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing top quality services and guaranteed client satisfaction. MAAT is comprised of professional engineers specializing in wastewater treatment, environmental site assessment and project management.

We are driven by a vision of protecting the environment and making a positive difference.

Core Values

  • We value integrity
  • We respect each person
  • Our business is based on innovation
  • We strive to make a positive difference

Key Personnel

Maat Environmental Engineering Corp. (MAAT) provides professional engineers and technical sales professionals who are dedicated to meeting our client’s needs quickly and cost effectively. Our senior staff are leaders in their respective fields, and have a track record of finding innovative solutions to solve complex problems. MAAT is able to provide full service engineering design capability for wastewater treatment plants along with project and construction management services.

Derk Z. Maat, M.Eng., P.Eng. – President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Maat has 35 years of engineering and corporate management expertise in applying a wide range of environmental technologies including anaerobic/aerobic biological wastewater design and management, bio-remediation and large scale engineering projects. Working in senior management roles with leading environmental companies including SNC-Lavalin and Groundwater Technology, Mr. Maat has been involved in consulting, design, construction, engineering, and technology development for clients across North America and around the world.


Derek J. Maat, MASc, P.Eng. – Vice President, Engineering

Mr. Maat brings 15 years of engineering experience in the management and design of environmental pollution control technologies, wastewater treatment and energy recovery projects. He has extensive project construction and management experience in specialty projects in involving civil, electrical and mechanical engineering components. His work has also included professional engineering oversight of the restoration of multiple contaminated sites running from large-scale brownfields to residential fuel oil spills. His work involves treatment concept development, regulatory permitting, remediation system design, soil and groundwater sampling, laboratory quality assurance and quality control assessment and CAD drafting. Mr. Maat also has extensive technical report writing experience.

Zhiping Qiu, M.Sc.Eng., P.Eng., – Wastewater Process Specialist

Mr. Qiu has over 20 years of multi-discipline experience in water, wastewater, and chemical engineering with expertise in anaerobic/aerobic biological wastewater treatment processes, operational optimization, process start-up, new process development and process modeling. Mr. Qiu has also focused on process design and simulation, biological treatment, model development, process optimization, and design and costing of wastewater treatment plants for the last 6 years. Mr. Qiu designed, commissioned and started-up several full-scale aerobic/anaerobic biological wastewater treatment plants and their biogas utilization systems.


Emmanuel “Noel” Moya PE, MSC, MBA., – Project Engineering Specialist

Mr. Moya has 39 years of experience in engineering design and project management involving pumping, filtration, physical/chemical wastewater treatment, aerobic /anaerobic biological treatment, landfill and composting, materials recovery and recycling, power co-generation, sustainable energy projects and hydrogeology. He has worked extensively in Canada, USA, South-East Asia, Middle East, Europe and Latin America. He is also a registered Technical Consultant with the United Nations Development Program and has voluntarily served mostly developing countries. Mr. Moya is credited with several technical papers including eight international utility patents and seven provisional patents involving Water/Wastewater filtration and treatments.

Riyaz Jiwani, PhD. P.Eng., MBA, Director of Sales

Mr. Jiwani has extensive experience working in International Business Development and Project Management. He is fluent in four languages and his work includes planning and directing international projects for wastewater treatment using state-of-the-art flow measurement technology, water resources management, and water supply. Mr. Jiwani has managed projects across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. He has identified, developed and overseen new international projects and the implementation of collateral support programs and consultancy. Mr. Jiwani has lead teams of engineers, project managers, and field supervisors and has consulted with clients until project completion.