Finnie Distributing Inc.

Client Finnie Distributing Inc.
Location St. Marys, ON
Schedule 2015

Project Detail

Finnie Distributing Inc. operates a chicken processing facility that utilizes a 480,000 gal anaerobic digester that digests organic waste from their operation and generates electricity is then sold back onto the grid.   In 2015, when Finnie was having problems with its digester that it couldn’t solve, Finnie contacted MAAT for help.  The digester was in upset condition and was producing biogas at a very low rate.  MAAT engineers assessed the situation and worked with the operator to make adjustments to the system.  As a result of changes recommended by MAAT engineers combined with the use of a revolutionary product, SciCorp BIOLOGIC® SR2, the digester began working properly, methane/biogas production increased significantly, and odor was greatly reduced throughout the plant.  Finnie continues to use MAAT as their “go-to” wastewater engineering expert on an ongoing basis.