New Forest Paper

Client New Forest Paper Mills
Location Scarborough, ON
Schedule 2015

Project Detail

In 2015, New Forest Paper Mills contacted MAAT when its anaerobic digester began having issues.  New Forest Paper Mills Corporation is joint venture of Atlantic Packaging and Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging that manufactures the liner board and medium used to make corrugated cartons (packaging for consumer products, ranging from pizza boxes to automotive parts). The feedstock is paper fibre recovered from used corrugated cartons.

MAAT carried out a complete audit of the New Forest paper milling and production operation as well as the effluent treatment system and was able to pinpoint the causes of the problems in the digester.  By following the MAAT recommendations that were generated from the audit, New Forest made changes to both their paper milling operations and effluent treatment system that has signifantly improved anaerobic digester performance.