Wastewater Treatment

We know wastewater and we are here for you!

  • We have the knowledge and experience to solve your most difficult system/treatment issues.
    • No problem is too big or too small
    • Our engineers respond rapidly and we get the job done!
  • We will quickly determine what is causing ‘upset’ conditions and we will get your system back online, working properly
  • Our experts will help you meet your compliance challenges
  • Our in-house staff will apply our process know-how and will utilize in-house software to:
    • Compare process configurations for WWTP upgrades
    • verify plant capacity under dynamic, hydraulic and organic loading conditions
    • identify bottlenecks in the liquid and/or sludge train
    • investigate different operating control strategies
    • evaluate the potential impact of new technology (low cost retrofits)
  • We specialize in solving odour challenges
  • We have the ability to audit your WWTP and help manage inefficiencies to increase organic load capacity without infrastructure spending

Wastewater Treatment System Design, Permitting, Supply, Construction and Operation

We supply a full range of wastewater treatment services for all your wastewater treatment needs, from concept development to system operation and everything in between. We are team players and are motivated to help in whatever capacity needed to provide low cost, effective and reliable treatment solutions. Our first step is always a detailed analysis of your existing system to determine if treatment improvements can be realized without significant infrastructure spending.

Biological Systems

We team up with industry leading technology providers to offer anaerobic and/or aerobic treatment systems for your high-strength wastewaters, at low rate, medium rate, or high rate system design loadings. We can provide highly effective SBR and BNR systems integrated with membrane separation technology to produce superb quality effluent that can be recycled/reused or discharged directly to meet the most stringent standards.

Physical/Chemical Systems

Our engineers are specialized in physical/chemical treatment of inorganic industrial wastewaters using “State of the Art” proven technical solutions.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Simulation and Optimization

Using industry leading premier software, we offer WWTP process design assistance, trouble-shooting and optimization, and control systems tuning and analysis. We also offer process modelling training sessions for operators and on-site process diagnosis. Utilizing real-life SCADA and information system interfaces, the WWTP On-line Simulator presents views and functionalities familiar to the operators and provides process insight in a dynamic platform which mimics the actual plant operation and predicts the early process warnings.

Wastewater Treatment Plants Design Selection and Costing Estimation

We provide fast and efficient preliminary design and cost estimation for all kinds of WWTP’s including capital costing, operations and maintenance costing, and energy and chemical consumption specifications and costing.

Odour Monitoring and Abatement

We provide odour modelling services that can be used to generate and display depictions of real-time odour plumes and intensities based on local physical and environmental variables. We also offer proven solutions to remove/reduce the odour at the source

Clean Fill and Environmental Site Assessment

We offer the full range of Ontario Reg. 153 compliant Qualified Person (Q.P.) Environmental Engineering Services including but not limited to:

  • Soil testing and P.Eng (Q.P.) certified reports for Clean Fill Testing and Disposal
  • Clean Fill Site Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Oil Spill Clean Up
  • Site Remediation
  • Environmental Compliance Approval Applications and Compliance
  • Records of Site Condition
  • Peer Review/Environmental Engineering Oversight
  • Expert Testimony

We rely on our experience, knowledge and common sense approach in identifying environmentally responsible cost effective solutions for our clients.

Our fast response and friendly top notch service set us apart.

Project Management and Engineering

Maat Environmental Engineering Corp. (MAAT) is closely affiliated with the Wilco Group of companies that stretches from Ontario to British Columbia. With over 50 years of experience and growth, the Wilco Group is the largest landscape development group in Western Canada.

The combination of MAAT’s engineering and project management expertise with Wilco’s construction background and resources gives us the capability to deliver diverse, high quality construction projects, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

The services that we provide:

  • Design/build civil construction projects
  • Athletic facilities
  • Excavation/Civil infrastructure
  • Landscape construction

Recent projects completed through the MAAT/Wilco partnership include:

  • University of Guelph Gryphon Soccer Complex ($7.5M)
  • Queens University West Campus Football Field Design/Build ($2.5M)
  • University of Guelph Field House – Civil and Landscape Construction ($750K)
  • City of Burlington Orchard Park FIFA Artificial Turf Filed ($900K)